Guidelines, First Probes

  • Probe intensity < 1e10 ppb to avoid issues with IR6 BPMs

  • Octupole knob = 0 for improved Q measurements (quality).

  • ADT off

  • Orbit

    • OFB (gain, eigen values, ...)

    • Beware of bad BPMs! Check that RT trims are reasonable (<3 to 4 urad?)

      • Otherwise disable bad BPM, send new config to OFB, Recalculate matrix and correct again.

      • (add pointer to Jorg's procedure)

    • No Radial feedback while injecting (RT trims incompatible with SPS-LHC rephasing). Note that in case a frequency was sen by accident it is possible to reset it (YASP or FB fixed display).

  • Tune

    • Reference: Qh = 0.275, Qv = 0.295. +/-0.001

    • If issues with FiDeL and Q'<<0, beans lost quckly: mask BPM interlock & try blind trims (evaluate differences to previous injection plateau).

      • Without FiDeL: Qs and Q'v drift down, Q'h drifts up

  • Chromaticity

    • Q'h and Q'v set to +10 on all cycles.

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