OP procedures, recipes & training talks

Beam Control Procedures

GitLab LHC OP Inscructions


          YASP Local Bump User Guide

          Using the orbit feedback in stable beams

          Beam Steering and Feedbacks (shutdown lecture 2017)

          Orbit and Corrector interlocks in SIS

          Orbit and Tune Feedback

          Lumi Server and Client in Operation

          Synchronous orbit set up

Tune / Chroma / Coupling

          Guidelines for clean Chromaticity decay measurement

          Tune Spectra and Peak-Finder Settings


Guidelines for injection timing tests

IQC diamond BLM interpretation

AGK update procedure


          RF System (H. Timko shutdown lecture 2017)

          RF Capture transients and their adjustment

          RF LSA Settings and their relation to system parameters

          Operational procedure for ADT power amplifier trip

          ADT Operation, a cook book of black magic...

          RF Phase Adjustment

MPS validation for LBDS and collimation

          LBDS and collimation validation tests: Asynchronous dump

          Collimator Loss Map, with and without dp offset

          Off Momentum Loss Map Application Settings


          Wire Scanner Guide

Special runs

High beta* at injection

Cycles, Settings & Sequences

          Hypercycle and settings structure

          Precycle 2015

          Configuration of Interlocked BPMs

          Arm LBDS Sequence

          LHC Sequencer, a recap

          LHC SIS

          Settings Generation and Incorporation (Matteo shutdown lecture 2017)

Beam process simulation

Hardware Controls Procedures

          Send, disable and reset nQPS buffers after a quench

          Fix the QPS Xmas tree

          Whom to contact in case of a Circuit Quench or Trip

          Cryogenics, Tuning for high heat loads.

          Access and powering phase procedures

          Super Conducting Circuits (D.Nisbet shutdown lecture 2017)

LHC Access & Patrol Procedures

          LHC Access System

          LHC Patrol General Procedure

          Patrol LHC Point 1 & 1.8

          Patrol LHC Point 2 & 3.2

          Patrol LHC Point 3

          Patrol LHC Point 4

          Patrol LHC Point 5

          Patrol LHC Point 6

          Patrol LHC Point 7

          Patrol LHC Point 8

          Direct link to EDMS page

LHC Safety Procedures

          Access Procedure in case of Lift Breakdown or Maintenance

          Reaction to Level 3 Alarms & Accidents/Incidents in the LHC

          Procedure for Evacuation of the CCC

          Direct link to EDMS page

Temperature Monitoring of the LHC devices

          Thresholds implemented in BIG SISTER that will trigger a pre-warning


          The menu of LHC beams and how they are produced in the injectors.    Rende


         Shutdown Lectures 2017

         TIM Train presentation (28/03/2018)


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