RF Phase Adjustment

Injection phase setting must be in range 0-360°

If a correction is needed outside the 0-360 range: For  example: if the phase error is +20° and the phase setting is 350°, the new setting will be 350 + 20 - 360 = 10° but since we jumped on the previous bucket (- 360), Fc delay has to be corrected to keep bucket 1 at the same place: To do this we remove one unit to the ALLSyncCrate/Offset#bucketOffsetRing1 or  ALLSyncCrate/Offset#bucketOffsetRing2 parameter. In other case 360° has to be added instead of removed, then add one unit to this parameter.

In all cases run the resynchronize RF beam control sequence before injecting beam again.

IMPORTANT : The injection phase parameter is NON MULTIPLEXED whereas synchro parameters are MULTIPLEXED: be careful when the injection beam process is changed, the trim on the phase applies as the trim on the delay is lost.


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