Fix the QPS Xmas tree

Sometimes single iQPS quench detectors (DQQDL) loose the communication with their crate controller. Usually it is one of the two redundant boards. As a result the QPS_OK disappears as long as the non-communicating board is selected (automatic toggling switches back and forth every few seconds)

If this state is present in several locations of the sector it might be impossible to launch a new sequence due to the fact that always one (or more) crates have switched to a bad board.

To fix that you need to identify the flipping crates and launch a macro which (normally) re-establishes the communication.

The macro can be found in the _OP_MP3 folder and is called “

Once opened add the desired crates to the list (similar than nQPS buffer readout after training quench) and execute (takes about a minute per crate).

Example :  DQAMCNMB.MB.C30R3 is blinking..

You can add as many crates as needed to the list which will execute sequentially

After execution of the script the blinking should stop. If not, more severe methods have to be applied…

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