Guidelines, Adjust

  • Play first collision beam process

    • Collisions in IP1 and IP5.

    • Luminosity at IP1/5 roughly as expected?

    • If not, is there any problem with the orbit?

      • Any strange signature on the RT trims?

      • Can correct the orbit with 2/4 micado?

    • Consider re-optimizing with the lumi-scan application

  • Play second collision beam process

      • Collisions in I2 and IP5.

      • The luminosity trims are present not to arrive head-on.

      • Consider correcting the orbit with 2/4 micado.

      • Do the lumis seem ok?

        • IP1/5 similar, hugh lumis? IP2/8 below levelling target?

      • Optimize crossing plane in IP2/8

    • Declare stable beams

      • re-optimize IP1 and IP5

      • Step IP2/8 closer to target / start levelling: manual, automatic, or force the steps?

      • As soon everything is smooth, switch on the OFB (40 eigenvalues & low gain) following the procedure (can be found in YASP ->Help).

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