Guidelines, Fresh Probes

  • RF injection phase (see procedure from YASP's help)

    • Need to correct with an empty ring, otherwize error averaged with circulating beam.

    • Add the same sign as the error reading to the Knob (non-multiplexed)

    • If at the next injection the beam jumos in a different bucket, then it is necessary to reset the knob (see procedure by Delphine)

  • RF synchro error (see procedure from YASP's help)

    • If > 20 degrees, can off centering the orbit help?

    • See procedure from Philippe

  • Q': target from ABP, +/-1?

    • Modulation amplitude and frequency

      • For snapback measurement, then this amplitude and frequency.

    • If target Q' > 10, consider measureing at ~5 and then adding the rest blindly.

  • Coupling

    • OK if < 0.005

    • Otherwize trim by trail and error, or use GHH application

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